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Jaxx Wallet is being phased out. Here's the essential information you should be aware of.
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On March 27, 2023, at 8:00 am ET, Jaxx Wallet will be officially retired. Although users will still have a limited time to access their 12-word backup phrase, they will no longer be able to perform transactions, and their balances may not be up to date. To ensure a smooth transition, this blog post provides a comprehensive guide on migrating your Jaxx Liberty wallet to other compatible wallets such as Edge Wallet or Exodus Wallet. By doing so, you can seamlessly continue managing your digital assets with these alternatives.

Guide to transferring funds to another Jaxx compatible wallet
Jaxx Wallet, a non-custodial wallet, ensures that users always maintain control over their assets. Neither Jaxx Liberty nor Decentral possesses the capability to store, access, or transfer your cryptocurrency.

To migrate your Jaxx Liberty wallet to a compatible alternative, the process is straightforward. You are not required to send your digital assets elsewhere. Simply enter your Jaxx Liberty 12-word backup phrase into a trusted wallet platform such as Edge Wallet or Exodus Wallet to manage your cryptocurrency from there. Following the shutdown of Jaxx Wallet servers on March 27, 2023, utilizing your backup phrase with another wallet will be the sole method for transferring your digital assets.

We highly recommend migrating to Edge Wallet or Exodus Wallet as both companies offer multi-currency wallets that adhere to Jaxx Liberty's interoperability standards. Additionally, they are dedicated to providing the necessary support for Jaxx Wallet users during the migration process and for any future wallet-related issues.

Please be aware that there will not be another version of Jaxx Liberty. Any Jaxx or Jaxx Liberty wallet found online elsewhere is fraudulent and designed to deceive individuals. Decentral is the sole creator of Jaxx Liberty and has no intentions of selling or transferring the wallet or brand to any other entity.

How to retrieve your 12-word backup phrase:

Please ensure that you have retrieved your 12-word backup phrase that was prompted to be recorded and safely stored when you initially created your Jaxx Liberty wallet. Alternatively, if the app is active, you can follow these steps within Jaxx Wallet to reveal and record your 12-word backup phrase:

1. Click on the menu button located in the upper-right-hand corner (three lines).
2. Select "Security" from the menu.
3. Click on "View Backup Phrase".
4. Choose the option "It's safe – – no one else is looking" (Note: Only select this if it is safe and no one else is present).
5. Record your 12-word backup phrase in a secure location.

To watch a step-by-step video guide, simply click on the play button on the image to the left. Please note that the video does not contain any sound.

It is of utmost importance that you safeguard your 12-word backup phrase diligently. If you happen to lose it, we regret to inform you that we cannot assist in its recovery as we do not possess this information. The responsibility lies solely with you. Never disclose your 12-word backup phrase to anyone, and please be aware that we will never ask for it. We strongly advise you to exercise caution and conduct thorough research when transitioning to a new trusted wallet. We have provided a few recommendations below.

For instructions on migrating to Edge Wallet or Exodus Wallet, our partners at Edge and Exodus have furnished specific guidelines tailored for moving from Jaxx Wallet to their respective platforms.

To migrate your Jaxx Liberty wallet to Edge Wallet, please follow the provided instructions.
To migrate your Jaxx Liberty wallet to Exodus Wallet, please follow the provided instructions.

If you have any inquiries or encounter any difficulties during the migration process, please do not hesitate to reach out to their support teams.

Support for Edge Wallet
Support for Exodus Wallet

We sincerely appreciate your participation in the Jaxx Wallet community. Since its launch in 2016 as a successor to Jaxx, Jaxx Liberty has empowered millions of users worldwide to take control of their digital lives. Throughout the past decade, we have developed and refined unique infrastructure, tools, and frameworks that we intend to carry forward and continue with Andiami: The Quest for Liberty.

The whitelist for Andiami is currently open but will be closing soon. We hope that you will consider joining us on this exciting new journey. For more information, please visit
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